Intuitive Tennis Footwork (26 Lessons - 2 Hours)

Intuitive Tennis Footwork (26 Lessons - 2 Hours)

Do you want to move like the pros?

I'm sure you do.

So how do they move?

They don't spend one second thinking about their feet. All movements that are taking place on the tennis court are intuitive.

Here's the thing, though.

Tennis is a counterintuitive game. When you start playing as a beginner, you will move wrong intuitively. You will most likely be flat-footed and react hectically once the ball comes your way. Your movements are so erratic because you don't possess the fundamental sequencing that needs to take place for the footwork to be correct.

Muscle memory can work against you. If you don't calibrate your movements on the court correctly from the get-go, after many years of playing, your footwork will continue to be inferior. The biggest difference between the recreational and high levels is the footwork. Rec players of all levels have issues with their feet, and no matter how many videos they watch and how much they try to improve, they simply can not. The only way to improve is to set the correct body movements in motion so that the feet can move on their own.

Here is the good news!

I spent the last three years designing a tennis footwork methodology that will allow you to move intuitively on the court without the burden of thinking about your feet.

How is this possible?

It's possible with my calibration method that sets up the correct sequence of body movements for all strokes, including the serve, return of serve, all forehands, all backhand, all volleys, and all overheads. In addition to that, my method calibrates offensive, defensive, and specialty footwork.

But that's not all!

Throughout my 30-year coaching career, I designed tennis-specific footwork drills that help players get in better tennis shape and build the correct muscle memory.

The Intuitive Tennis Footwork Course is a comprehensive 2-hour guide that leaves no stone unturned.

The four chapters in this course contain information that will allow you to move intuitively on the tennis court, just like the pros do.

Chapter 1 (Intuitive Footwork)
Chapter 2 (Footwork Calibration)
Chapter 3 (Specialty Footwork)
Chapter 4 (Footwork Practice)

Caution: I don't sell get rich quick schemes. Improvement in tennis takes time, and your footwork will take time to develop. You will have to be patient and, most importantly, put in the work. You will have the correct information at your fingertips, accessible from any device at any time.


You will have to put in the work.

Course length: 2 Hours

Intuitive Tennis Footwork (26 Lessons - 2 Hours)
  • Chapter 1 (Intuitive Footwork)

    1. Walking and running is intuitive
    2. Biggest difference between rec-level and high-level

  • Chapter 2 (Footwork Calibration)

    3. Basic tennis footwork rules
    4. Split step calibration
    5. Forehand footwork calibration
    6. Backhand footwork calibration
    7. Volley footwork calibration
    8. Overhead footwork calibration
    9. Serve footwork calibration
    10. Return of serve footwork calibration
    11. Offensive footwork calibration
    12. ...

  • Chapter 3 (Specialty Footwork)

    13. Sliding
    14. Late setup
    15. Footwork traps
    16. Top-down kinetic chain
    17. Heel to toe

  • Chapter 4 (Footwork Practice)

    18. Intensity
    19. Walking and running drills
    20. In the sand
    21. Hot feet
    22. 45-second drill
    23. 30-second drill
    24. Ball transport drill
    25. Hand feeding
    26. Conclusion