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Watch 6. How to Use the Slowmo App

Watch 6. How to Use the Slowmo App

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  • 7. Grips Contribute to Stroke Optics

  • 8. Forehand Analysis

    a. Preparation 0:06
    b. Takeback timing 3:55
    c. Loop height 5:32
    d. Torso rotation sequencing 7:21
    e. Elbow spacing 11:04
    f. Racquet drop & Forward phase 13:28
    g. Approaching underneath the ball 17:16
    h. String bed orientation 18:51
    i. Racquet head angle at contact 19:55
    j. Wrist movements around ...

  • 9. One-Handed Backhand Analysis

    a. The one-handed backhand is simple 0:06
    b. Preparation and shoulder turn 0:41
    c. Takeback 4:02
    d. String bed orientation on the racquet drop 6:05
    e. Straight arm 8:09
    f. Lateral and forward spacing 10:14
    g. Torso rotation 12:33
    h. Angle of the racquet face at contact 13:46
    i. Swing path 15:47