Safin's Road to NCAA D1 Scholarship

Safin's Road to NCAA D1 Scholarship

11 Episodes

When Safin first started training with Nick he was an unranked junior struggling to win matches at the men's open level. In this series, you can watch if Nick can improve his game in less than a year to the level of a D1 college player. Some of these lessons have been featured on the Intuitive Tennis YouTube channel. Here you will find uncut extended versions with behind-the-scenes footage.

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Safin's Road to NCAA D1 Scholarship
  • Use the Body

    Episode 1

    Body involvement is an integral part of any stroke but especially the forehand and serve. Safin was lacking power and was trying to generate it the wrong way leading to mistakes.

  • Explosiveness is Missing and the Slice Serve is Lacking Power

    Episode 2

    Safin's movement is lacking explosiveness. The first few steps are so crucial when it comes to reacting to an incoming ball. Nick diagnosed this issue from the first time he saw Safin play. In this episode, he outlines a plan on how to improve Safin's explosiveness around the court. Furthermore, ...

  • How to Get More Power on the Serve

    Episode 3

    Safin approached Nick about a new thing he tried on his serve. Nick was ok with the technical change, however, the serve is still lacking power.

  • Goal Setting & Fine Tuning the One-Hander

    Episode 4

    One of the biggest problems junior tennis players and their parents face is unrealistic goal setting. Through Nick's extensive experience working with high-level junior players, he has seen disastrous results when players and parents set unrealistic goals. Safin's goals throughout his junior care...

  • Safin Match Play vs D2 Player Milan

    Episode 5

    For high-level players that possess technical fundamentals of all strokes, it is very important to play matches. Junior players often don't play enough matches due to various reasons and consequently, their development is halted. Safin does not have enough high-level matches under his belt and th...

  • How to Deal with Losing Matches

    Episode 6

    After losing some matches where Safin held match points he was discouraged and feeling down. Nick explains his theory on tennis equilibrium and how understanding it can help Safin get through these tough times.

  • How to Stop Double Faulting

    Episode 7

    In a recent loss at a tournament, Safin double-faulted more than usual. He was concerned whether there is something wrong with his second serve technique.

  • Rematch vs Milan

    Episode 8

    After another heartbreaking loss, Safin's confidence is down. Nick encourages him to overcome his struggles and gives him another chance against Milan.

  • Leg Burner Drills

    Episode 9

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  • Testing Safin's Level | Point Play Coaching

    Episode 10

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  • Safins's Intensity Needs to Improve | Point Play Coaching

    Episode 11

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