The Intuitive Forehand (34 Lessons)

The Intuitive Forehand (34 Lessons)

If you look at the top 100 players in the world you will see 100 different forehand techniques. With this much variety at the top of the game on this particular shot, one might be confused which technique to adapt. Through my extensive research on the modern forehand, I was able to identify technical elements that every high-level player has in common. And though diligent repetition of these fundamentals your confidence in the forehand is going to grow. Once your confidence grows you will trust your technique and you'll start to accelerate faster. Something very interesting will take place as a result of that. Intuitive technical elements of the forehand stroke will take place on their own without you ever being conscious of them. They are a direct result of the correct implementation of the fundamentals and acceleration.

This is why I created THE INTUITIVE FOREHAND course. You will develop the fundamental technical elements that every high-level has in common and consequently intuitive technical elements will match your genetic predispositions.

Length of Course: 1 hour 27 minutes

The Intuitive Forehand (34 Lessons)
  • Chapter 1 (Forehand Fundamentals)

    1. Introduction
    2. How to hold the racquet
    3. Forehand grips
    4. The 3-part sequence
    5. Stances
    6. The stroke
    7. Sequencing the kinetic chain
    8. The intuitive zone
    9. Flat vs spin
    Chapter length: 34 Minutes

  • Chapter 2 (Forehand Consistency)

    10. Controlling the ball
    11. Shot selection
    12. Ball recognition
    13. Mental game
    Chapter length: 8 Minutes

  • Chapter 3 (Forehand Power)

    14. Incoming ball
    15. Swing momentum
    16. Horizontal (rotational) momentum
    17. Vertical momentum
    Chapter length: 7 Minutes

  • Chapter 4 (Forehand Specialty Shots)

    18. Forehand slice
    19. Forehand return
    20. Forehand approach shot
    21. High forehand / Low forehand
    22. Inside out forehand / Inside in forehand
    23. Defensive forehand
    24. Reverse forehand
    25. Pickup forehand
    Chapter length: 21 Minutes

  • Chapter 5 (Forehand Myths)

    26. Kinetic chain
    27. Wrist lag
    28. Wrist snap
    29. Unit turn
    30. Hitting through the ball
    31. Arm flies by itself
    32. Close the racquet face for topspin
    33. Aim your forehand
    34. Conclusion
    Chapter length: 17 Minutes