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Watch 12. Volley Analysis

Watch 12. Volley Analysis

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  • 13. Overhead Analysis

    Set up, contact, and finish

  • 14. Serve Analysis

    a. The complexity of serve analysis 0:06
    b. Ad-side vs deuce side 0:39
    c. Identify which serve you're attempting 2:43
    d. Stances 3:20
    e. Toss 4:49
    f. Takeback and takeup 14:01
    g. Trophy phase 17:21
    h. Racquet drop 19:14
    i. Ball approach 25:51
    j. Contact 29:21
    k. Non-dominant arm tuck 36:35
    l. Swi...

  • 15. Return of Serve Analysis

    The return of serve is the most difficult stroke to analyze