Intuitive Tennis Originals

Intuitive Tennis Originals

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Intuitive Tennis Originals
  • Role of the Wrist

    9 items

    In this collection of videos, I explain how to correctly use the wrist on all strokes in tennis.

  • Style vs Fundamentals

    8 items

    In this course, you will learn the critical difference between style and fundamentals on all tennis strokes. You have to learn the fundamentals while developing your unique style.

  • Pathway to Success

    9 items

    In this collection of videos, you will find the pathway to improve your tennis.

  • Swing Path Mastermind

    8 items

    The swing path mastermind lays the debate between the circular and linear movement of the racquet shortly after the moment of contact to rest. Every stroke is broken down in great detail to give you a game plan on which swing path to adapt on all your strokes.

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  • The Croatian Serve

    6 items

    Some of the greatest servers of all time are from Croatia. In this course, you will find out what makes these serves so effective and how you can implement these characteristics into your serve.

  • Project One-Handed Backhand

    6 items

    In this collection of videos, you will see Nick try to develop a high-level one-handed backhand.

  • Two Month Tennis Body Transformation

    So I gained weight on purpose (45 pounds).


    Two reasons. I wanted to see how I performed on the tennis court with the extra weight.

    You can watch that performance here: