Drills will improve your groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, serves, returns, fitness, endurance, control, finesse, and power. Some of these drills have been featured on the Intuitive Tennis YouTube channel, others are exclusively featured on intuitivetennis.com

  • Groundstroke Drills

    13 items

    Groundstroke drills are a great way to improve control, power, finesse, and footwork.

  • Volley & Overhead Drills

    2 items

    Volley and Overheads are often neglected in practice. Makes these drills part of your training regimen and your volleys and overheads will improve.

  • Serve & Return Drills

    4 items

    Serve drills that can improve power, control, and placement. Return drills that can improve reaction time, control, power, and feel.

  • Tennis Wall Drills

    11 items

    Tennis wall drills that can improve your forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads, and serves.

  • Ball Machine Drills

    3 items

    Ball machine drills that can improve your consistency, power, placement, and footwork.

  • Tennis at Home Drills

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    If you can't access a court or a wall, tennis at home is better than no tennis at all.